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Our 5,5m Factory Fan is our most popular industrial HVLS fan.

The aerodynamically designed  fan blades are made of high-grade aluminum with a custom aerofoil designed to void drag and turbulence. The special wingtips help to increase the efficiency of the fan by several percentage points. 

When the fan is turned on the motor and in-line gearbox slowly accelerates the blades to the desired speed, reducing stress and wear on the blades and the gears. This intelligent design extends the lifetime of the unit up to at least 10 years. 

At a top speed of 12km the the fan moves 350,000m³ volume of air per hour.


Factory Fan moves 50 times more air than a standard ceiling fan, whilst using 3,5 times less power making our fans incredibly efficient

Fan Type 5.5m Factory Fan Standing Fan Ceiling Fan
QTY 1 50 50
5 Yr Electricity Cost 56,160,000 655,200,000 187,200,000
Airflow Coverage 700 - 1000m2 750m2 600m2
Installation Cost 95,000,000 110,000,000 115,000,000
5 Year Total Cost 151,160,000 765,200,000 302,200,000



Providing a comfortable and controlled environment for workers is important, not only to enhance productivity but also to prioritize employee health and safety. Implementing effective temperature and humidity control measures, such as proper ventilation and air conditioning systems, can create a more pleasant working environment. This, in turn, helps reduce absenteeism, enhance morale, and improve overall job satisfaction, contributing to a more productive and efficient workforce in the manufacturing sector.

In excessively hot environments, workers may experience fatigue, dehydration, and discomfort, leading to decreased concentration and increased likelihood of errors.

High humidity levels can make the air feel heavy and uncomfortable, contributing to fatigue and difficulty in breathing. Additionally, elevated humidity may hinder the body’s natural cooling mechanisms, making it harder for workers to regulate their internal temperature.


Reasons To Invest

  1. Just 1 fan covers more than 700m².
  2. Reduces the ‘feels like temperature’ by up to 8℃.
  3. 50x more airflow than a standard ceiling fan, and spins 5x slower.
  4. Quiet operation 
  5. Energy-saving design means less money to operate
  6. Optimized design moves the maximum amount of air with the minimum amount of power
  7. 100% customer satisfaction
  8. Designed and produced with passion here in Vietnam 
  9. We love what we do and aspire to always deliver the best product possible.
  10. Air displacement of 350,000m³ per hour. 
  11. Long-lasting durable design to give you a fresh breeze for many years.
  12. Best value for money. 
  13. A skin cooling airspeed of 12km/hr right below the fan and 4km/hr 15m away from the center of the fan.
  14. 2 years unlimited warranty with an expected lifetime of more than 10 years. 

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