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In 2016, our journey began from a simple customer inquiry about large ceiling fans. The question sparked a determined engineering endeavor involving rigorous research, going through countless patents and articles, to develop a reliable and efficient fan that would not just be big, but also exceptional in performance.

Two years later, we were ready to introduce our HVLS fan to the world.


Drawing from our background in mechatronics engineering, we set out to design a powerful HVLS (High-Volume Low-Speed) fan that wasn’t just grand in size but was a champion in moving air with unmatched efficiency.

We toiled to perfect the blade’s shape and pitch, ensuring a gentle but potent air movement without unwanted turbulence. The heart of our invention is a custom-designed gearbox, a product of learning from many trials, errors, and invaluable insights from experienced Canadian engineers who had worked at Big Ass fans.

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