5,5-meter industrial ceiling fan

The Factory Fan is an industrial High Volume Low-Speed fan. The motor with the inline gearbox moves the 2,5m aluminum wing blades slowly through the air. The fan blades are made of high-grade aluminum and positioned at a 30-degree angle. The blades are designed in a perfect aerodynamic shape to avoid drag and turbulence. The orange wingtips are not only there to enhance the appearance of the fan, but they also help to add a few percentage points to the  efficiency of the fan

When the fan is turned on the controller slowly starts up the motor, this slowly accelerates the blades to the set speed between 20-70rpm to reduce the stress on the blades and the gear. The fan is designed to last and has an expected lifetime of at least 10 years. 

The fan moves 350,000m³ volume of air per hour at a top speed of 12km/hr close to the fan,  and 4km/hr 15 meters away from the center of the fan. To put that in perspective an empty bottle will blow over at a distance of 15m away from the center of the fan.  

The fan moves 50 times more air than a standard ceiling while using 3,5 times less power. 

The 5,5m industrial ceiling fan is currently running at many factories, warehouses, and a few large offices in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding provinces.

We’ve received very positive feedback from our customers including one comment from a factory that replaced many standing fans with the 5,5m ceiling fan stating that; “the air cleaner because the dust has time to settle.”


Why choose an industrial ceiling fan?

  1. Just 1 fan covers more than 700m².
  2. Reduces the ‘feels like temperature’ by up to 8℃.
  3. 50x more airflow than a standard ceiling fan, and spins 5x slower.
  4. Quiet operation 
  5. Energy saving design means less money to operate
  6. Optimized design moves the maximum amount of air with the minimum amount of power
  7. 100% customer satisfaction
  8. Designed and produced with passion here in Vietnam 
  9. We love what we do and aspire to always deliver the best product possible.
  10. Air displacement of 350,000m³ per hour. 
  11. Long lasting durable design to give you a fresh breeze for many years.
  12. Best value for money. 
  13. A skin cooling airspeed of 12km/hr right below the fan and 4km/hr 15m away from the center of the fan.
  14. 2 years unlimited warranty with an expected lifetime of more than 10 years. 

Checkout the HVLS Factory Fan running

Energy savings with the 5,5m ceiling fan

Energy Efficiency

In comparison with standard standing or ceiling fan the 5,5m ceiling moves the same amount of air compared to 50 fans while only using a fraction of the power. If you like to know more about this or make a comparison calculation let us know. 

Temperature and Humidity

The skin temperature is fundamental to heat exchange between the human body and the environment. The temperature that a human body perceives depends on many factors, such as air temperature, thermal radiation, relative humidity, wind velocity, physical activity, or even clothing. Temperature and wind velocity are the most important factors affecting human comfort. 

Sweating causes a decrease in core temperature through evaporative cooling at the skin surface. As high energy molecules evaporate from the skin, releasing energy absorbed from the body, the skin and superficial vessels decrease in temperature. Tests shows that significant evaporative cooling is achieved at an air velocity of 0,6m/sec (2km/hr), reducing the ‘feels like temperature’ with 6-8℃.

the biggest standing fan

The 2-meter Portable Fan

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