The biggest industrial ceiling fan produced in Vietnam.

The biggest industrial ceiling fan produced in Vietnam.

The Factory Fan 2.0 is a 5.5m ceiling fan designed for installation in factories and warehouses. The design is simple and durable ensuring delivery of the most powerful, toughest, safest and most energy efficient airflow for a fraction of the price compared to other High Volume Low Speed  (HVLS) fan manufacturers. The 5.5meter ceiling fan turns slowly while moving a massive amount of air over an area of more than 700m²

The Factory Fan helps to improve efficiency on the work floor. Research has shown that when temperatures are above 30℃ every degree reduced will increase productivity by 1%.

The Desgn and Engineering

The Factory Fan design started with the blades. Getting the profile, angle, and the speed of the blades at optimum to produce the most powerful and energy efficient industrial fan. Added to this is an inline gearbox and a electronic controller to optimize energy consumption versus output.


Why choose an industrial ceiling fan?

  1. Just 1 fan covers more than 700m².
  2. Reduces the ‘feels like temperature’ by up to 8℃.
  3. 50x more airflow than a standard ceiling fan, and spins 5x slower.
  4. Quiet operation 
  5. Energy saving design means less money to operate
  6. Optimized design moves the maximum amount of air with the minimum amount of power
  7. 100% customer satisfaction
  8. Designed and produced with passion here in Vietnam 
  9. We love what we do and aspire to always deliver the best product possible.
  10. Air displacement of 350,000m³ per hour. 
  11. Long lasting durable design to give you a fresh breeze for many years.
  12. Best value for money. 
  13. A skin cooling airspeed of 14kph right below the fan and 4kph 15m away from the center of the fan.

Checkout the Factory Fan...

The most efficient industrial fan!


The 2-meter Portable Fan

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