The 2-meter Portable Fan

The 2-meter portable fan is designed without compromise. We have selected one of the best brushless motors available for this application. The profiled blades are made with high-grade aluminum and are optimally positioned for maximum displacement. The steel components are galvanized to give the best protection against rust in any environment.

We designed the portable fan with the purpose of being the most efficient standing fan on the market. Our fan has a strong powerful, yet efficient, motor to drive the profiled, optimally pitched, blades to displace a huge volume of air effectively. This fan moves air! There are not many fans on the market like what we have developed here. 

The 2m portable fan can be used in small spaces where it can quietly displace a large amount of air on a slower setting or in large spaces where it can run quietly and still cover an area up to 200m2.

We have elected to use a DC brushless motor instead of the more commonly used AC induction motor for efficiency. Our motors use less energy, are quieter, and stronger. The DC brushless motors are designed to give more torque at low speeds suiting the application in the 2m portable fan. 

Why choose this Factory Fan

- Most efficient brushless DC electric motor selected.
- Profiled and optimally positioned high grade aluminum blades.
- Galvanized steel components.
- Quiet with massive air displacement.
- Suitable for small or large areas.
- Smart design with quality components.
- Use less energy and produce more results. 


The 2-meter Portable Fan with 200m² coverage